Research Ideas

Researchers of interest



  1. FT routing paper: writing, new simulation, conclusion submit by January 2021
  2. FT routing modeling paper: proof of results; try different patient classifications and compare their performances (by admit, LOS, chance of FT)
    • Perhanps we can consider a shadow patient, with a focus on CTAS3, or patients in the middle. Refer to two papers in Notability.
  3. Medical paper: the impact of ED census on ED decision making
  4. ED staffing with PPH: waiting time estimation

Next step

  1. ED patient prioritization
    1. Choice model: waiting for room (patient chosen by nurses)
    2. Choice model: initial assessment (patient chosen by physicians)
    3. Non-aligned objectives might lead to inefficiency
  2. ED double bottlenecks: Bed + Physicians
    1. Stochastic modeling (SOQN, Jia and Heragu 2009, Operations Research)
    2. Fluid model (MMFQ, Carmen et al. 2018, EJOR)
    3. Perturbation analysis
    4. So-what: ED surging plan
  3. ED specialist: stochastic clearing system [PDF]
  4. With Lishuai:
    • Drone delivery
    • Data from Cathy Pacific: optimize then predict
  5. Clean energy with Xiaowei