MS5318 Predictive Analytics

Postgraduate course, City University of Hong Kong, College of Business, 2020

This is a required course for taught master program MSc. in Quantitative Analysis for Business. The goal of this course is to enable students to make business decisions with the support of data. The focus is how to perform predictive analysis using Excel, R, and Python.

Teaching Evaluations (7-point scale)

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Comments from students

The teacher is so great, love this course so much! He always tells us some interesting stories and very funny. He explains the model clearly and vividly. Quite interesting and useful course.

Through this course we have learned a very useful R language, which will be of great help to our future data analysis. The professor provided a lot of questions for us to practice and strengthen the knowledge

Lecturer is great. He has passion to teach us.

The coverage and design of the course is comprehensive, practical, and useful. The pace of teaching is also about right.

Good teacher