Build personal website using GitHub Pages


Just to make some notes on how to build my personal website using GitHub Pages. Note: if you are using this repo and now get a notification about a security vulnerability, delete the Gemfile.lock file.

Create a GitHub page as your personal website

  1. Get a GitHub account; create a repository; get a URL for your website;
  2. Find a good template and start from there; e.g., AcademicPages;
  3. Use GitHub Desktop to clone your folder locally;
  4. Use Atom to edit files, mainly mardown and html files;
  5. After each edit, use GitHub Desktop to make commit, and push it to the cloud; on the other hand, you can build and test your site locally before publish it.

Builde your GitHub Pages site locally with Jekyll

  1. Install Ruby and RubyGems (usually they are installed on MacOS);
  2. Use the two bash commands ruby -v and gem -v to check the version in your system;
  3. Install the github-pages and bundler gem:
    • gem install github-pages
    • gem update github-pages
    • gem install bundler:2.1.4
    • bundle install
  4. Open terminal and navigate to the publishing source for your site:
    • bundle exec jekyll serve
  5. To preview your site, in your web browser, navigate to http://localhost:4000.