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A list of academic relevant websites

  1. R Studio knitr author website
  2. Edit PDF Online

A list of fun websites

  1. How New Jersey’s First Coronavirus Patient Survived
  2. Don’t fall asleep at work! A call center example
  3. 武漢戰疫全景紀錄片——《英雄之城》
  4. Dim sum dough magic
  5. Simpson’s paradox


  1. 自我成长的力量

Another example for Simpson’s paradox

PatientsDeathsMortality Rate
Hospital A10,0001,50015%
Hospital B8,0001,00012.5%

It seems that Hospital A is superior than Hospital B with a lower mortality rate. However, if we include the lurking variable: severity of patients

Mortality rate for severe patientsMortality rate for mild patients
Hospital A20% (1,400/10,000)3.3% (100/3,000)
Hospital B30% (600/2,000)6.6% (400/6,000)